Coco Lash

Beauty, Face and Body enhancements including Eyelash and eyebrow services, dental whitening, EMS body sculpting and HIFU treatments.

Coco Lash is a Beauty Salon specialising in high quality face and body treatments including Eyelash Extensions, Eyebrows, Dental Whitening, and medically approved Face and Body enhancements. Chloe has greater than 18 years’ experience in beauty services, qualified dental hygiene, accredited services and offers a personalised customer experience.

In Burwood, the Beauty Salon is conveniently located in Burwood next to Burwood Westfield and 5 minutes’ walk from either Burwood Station.

In Parramatta, the Beauty Salon is conveniently located near to Parramatta Westfield and 10 to 15 minutes’ walk from Parramatta Station.