LED Eyelash Extensions

We offer exclusive LED Eyelash extension services, and also supplies and training kits.

Benefits of LED lashes include:

 ✅ More Effective Lashes – Last as 1.5 to 2 as times more than the normal glue

 ✅ Stronger application – you can go swimming or have shower STRAIGHT AWAY!

 ✅ More comfortable than tradition eyelash extension* – less to no irritation to the eyes, no sticking.

 Is it SAFE!? the light used in the treatment is harmless to the human body.

 The LED lamp transfers visible light of harmless 394~410nm which has been proven to haves no adverse effects on the human body and skin.

Get Stronger and longer lasting eyelash extensions with Coco Lash and Beauty.

LED  Natural full set   $130
LED Natural full set 2weeks  $100
LED  Natural full set 3weeks  $120
LED Hybrid New Set  $150
LED Hybrid 2weeks infills $105
LED Hybrid 3weeks infills $130
LED Natural Volume  $180
LED Natural Volume 2weeks $120
LED Natural Volume 3weeks $150
The new LED system has been developed by scientists and engineers using the latest technology. This is a revolution in eyelash extensions, where LED visible light is needed to cure the glue. The result is lasting and lightweight. Glue vapors are no longer of the same intensity as traditional quick-drying glue.

We are specialists in LED eyelash extensions and provide hand made fans

Call Chloe for further details. 

 *Note: Most clients report that allergic or negative reactions are reduced. However, some clients may still experience some reactions.